Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Strike

Hey guys! I didn't go to school today because of the strike in my school district. Instead, I went to see the Bounty Hunter with my friend Nika. Movie tickets are getting really expensive! We went to the 1 o'clock showing and it cost $10! And the smallest size popcorn cost $6. Also, you know Fern Arable in Charlotte's Web? Well, I just learned that "arable" means "good for growing crops" and I just thought that it was funny that their name was Arable and they were farmers. My dog also got a haircut that makes him look exactly like a poodle. I had no idea his nose was so long! I had an audition for H&M on Saturday. It was different from the others I've been to. It was like a photoshoot and I did cartwheels while the photographer took pictures. Well, I better get to bed because I have to go to school tomorrow even though the strike is still going on. Sorry for not posting that much. I always think that it takes a lot more time than it does. Remember, you can always email me at Remind me to post or tell me what you think of my recent posts.
PS: I got my own computer!!! It's a desk top, though, and no webcam. :( It's a Mac OS X

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Long Absence

Hi guys, sorry for being so AWOL. I had an okay spring break, we didn't go anywhere big just the mall, and the beach. I also went to see How to Train Your Dragon, which was pretty good. The animation was amazing and the story made sense until the last bit when Hiccup's father said that he was not his son. My parents also got a bed from Z Gallerie. It was the floor model and on sale.
I also went to the dentist, found out I had a cavity (my first in six years!). Oh yes, I went to the doctor. At the end of the appointment, my mom said she never wanted to take me again. The reason is, I had to get three shots and it took twenty minutes. And that is because I have a severe phobia of needles. It's true, my dad believed me.