Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Songs of the Moment

I have been listening to a few songs non-stop lately. You know those songs that you play over and over again and promise yourself that this is the last time, but when it's over you play it again? Well, these are the ones that I am like that with right now.
1. Rolling in the Deep by Adele- My favorite song right now. I think it is from like the number one album in America. I've listened to this over and over. In fact, I'm listening to it as we speak (actually, more like as I write and you read. Which are probably happening at two different times). One thing-what does 'rolling in the deep' mean? Can anyone explain that to me? Be sure to check out Haley Reinhart from American Idol's version. It is amazing. Maybe even, dare I say, better than the original??
2. Rocketeer by Far East Movement- I know this came out quite a while ago (a year ago? Two?), but I was dreadfully unaware and just recently started listening to it. It is a very VERY different from Like a G6, another song that never gets old. Rocketeer sounds very smooth and urban and kinda black and white, but not like an old movie, like a sophisticated palate (does that even make sense?).
3. Drops of Jupiter by Train- Now, this is a very old song (or so it seems to me). I'd subconsciously heard it for years, but it wasn't until I looked it up on youtube that it all clicked. It's the one that goes "Tell me, did the wind sweep? Did you finally get a chance to sail along the light of day? Head back to the Milky way?" (please excuse me if I got some of the words wrong). This song is very peaceful and makes me feel happy.
4. Judas by Lady Gaga- To be honest, I did not like her song that came before this one, Born This Way, at all. So I was really happy that this was one came out. I think some people are getting way too worked about it. I'm pretty sure she's just using everything as a metaphor. But it has a really upbeat, kinda robotic, tone.
5. What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts- Now, I'm not as addicted to this song as the others, but I once I start listening I play it over about five times. I love the beginning. It just sounds very sad, but steady. I love the way he says the lyrics. I'm also a sucker for Southern accents!

On another note, I'm getting quite sick of Tinie Tempah's Written in the Stars. I was already not a rap fan, but add this to the fact that they play it constantly on the radio, and you have a recipe for dislike.

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