Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maya Rose Organics

Hello all! I have discovered a line of ORGANIC cosmetics called, guess what, MAYA ROSE. YES YES YES!!! I can hardly believe it but it's true. I HAVE to have something from there. The trouble is, the prices aren't listed. As you probably know, anything over $20 dollars is out of my budget. Oh well, I guess it will be a birthday present (or splurge!). There is also a boutique called Maya Rose Boutique. I had no idea there were so many "Maya Rose"'s. Too bad it's in England. Maybe I'll go if I get into Oxford (my dream college). There is also a company called Princess Maya's Rose Parties, which throw spa parties for girls. One more thing, (well, actually, two) I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for my check-up and I'm SUPER scared. I guess I have to get like four shots. LAST THING, I am really liking Anthropologie. I was looking on their website and there's some cool stuff (only a little overpriced. Who would pay $5,000 dollars for a bed?) Well, bye!

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